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I'm having a difficult time using a consistent rating system on Goodreads. I'm torn between two different ways of rating and I keep using them interchangeably and it's bothering me because then certain books have equal ratings that don't really have equal ratings in my mind. I will be less abstract so you can understand. Most of the time, I rate a book by how much I enjoyed reading it. Which seems like a good way to do things, at first glance. But sometimes I read a book which I think is really well-written, but that I don't enjoy as much as, say, a new book in a trashy vampire romance series that I've been following for years. This is mostly for emotional reasons. I know the characters well, and the book is silly and enjoyable even if it's not particularly well-written. But then it really bothers me that beautifully written books have the same rating as this trashy vampire romance simply because they didn't draw as much of an emotional reaction from me. This is all making me wish I could have two different ratings for each book on Goodreads: one for pure enjoyment and one for aesthetic admiration. How annoying.

Anyway, on to some actual book reviews. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. )

Dead and Gone )

Welcome to the Monkey House )


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