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"I'm an introvert. You are a wonderful person and I like you. But now please shush." Caring For Your Introvert. THIS. ALL OF THIS. Everyone should read this. I've been having a lot of anxiety lately about how often I turn down social invitations, and thinking that this will make everyone think I'm a horrendous egotistical bitch. It's not true! I just like to be alone, with my ridiculous fantasy novels and my rodents. My introversion is even true on the internet, really. I see a lot of people forming very deep relationships through Live Journal, but I just have a very hard time doing that. I don't like chatting. It's hard to start a relationship if you just hate small talk. It's okay, I don't mind that I have relatively few close relationships. The ones I do have are so amazing that I don't see why anyone could possibly ask for more. But I just wanted everyone who has tried to reach out to me in the past who may have felt snubbed, or anyone who does this in the future, to know that I like you. I really do. I honestly only ever answer the phone for my mother, my sister, and my boyfriend. If you want to talk to me about deep philosophical issues, please do let me know. Until then, you will probably hear relatively little from me besides what I write in my posts, but you're all dear to me in my crazy introverted way. Never forget that.

[ profile] sarkastic is my soul mate. She also gave me quarters so that I can have clean underwear. I feel this deserves a shout-out.
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