Jan. 14th, 2005

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"I've thought a good deal about you and your apple, Sir, and the riddle you once made, the very first time we met. I didn't understand you then, but it must have been that you were trying to teach me something, and perhaps by now I have guessed it. The way I understand things, the Bible may have been thought out by God, but it was written down by men. And like everything men write down, such as the newspapers, they got the main story right, but some of the details wrong.

"The pattern of this quilt is called the Tree of Paradise,and whoever named that pattern said better than she knew, as the Bible does not say Trees. It says there were two different trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge; but I believe there was only the one, and that the Fruit of Life and the Fruit of Good and Evil were the same. And if you ate of it, you would die, but if you didn't eat of it you would die also; although if you did eat of it, you would be less bone-ignorant by the time you got around to your death.

"Such an arrangement would appear to be more the way life is."

- Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace


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